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Discover the power of Minor Millets through OGMO Foods: Breakfast cereal, energy bites, millet snacks, health mixes and more.

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You don’t have to throw out all your favourite foods to get a big health boost. With just a few minor and meaningful food changes, you can bring long-term health benefits – no matter how tiny the difference is.

OGMO products could be one such small change towards your goal!

Every OGMO product uses wholegrain unpolished Minor Millets, which are rinsed, soaked for 8 hours, and solar-dried before packing them for you.

These gluten-free low GI products can make an ideal food to combat diabetes and obesity as it prevents abnormal spikes in blood sugar levels.

High in antioxidants, healthy fats, good carbs, dietary fibres, vitamins, minerals and plant-based protein, OGMO products are a powerhouse of nutrients.

An Indian traditional food without any preservatives or artificial colour and flavour delivers all of the benefits of fresh food with the convenience of a stable shelf-life. 

Breakfast options – starting your day on a right note got a lot easier. OGMO overnight breakfast mixes are completely cook-free options loaded with the goodness of super seeds, minor millets, spices and fruits. Our Granolas is a crunchy deliciousness made without refined sugar.

Minor Millet premixes – it makes you easier to cook your traditional meal in a jiffy. All you need to do is to add water in it and your meal is sorted. No soaking and grinding is needed. Make Idlis, dosas, chilla, chapati, dhoklas, bhakris etc.

Minor millet wholegrain – these are unpolished minor millet grains which are rinsed, soaked for 8 hours, solar dried and packed. Use it to replace the rice in your meal. Make pulao, biryani or any dish which you make using rice.

Minor millet flour – unpolished minor millet is rinsed, soaked for 8 hours, sun-dried and pulverized to make flour.

Yes, some shortcuts are always welcome, when you are cooking to make your life a little easier.

Minor millet Energy Bites – OGMO soft and chewy guilt-free snack bars are loaded with nuts, dry fruits, fruit powder and minor millet.

Health mixes – BERA is a health mix similar to our traditional Sattu drink. Enjoy it as an instant drink or make various recipes using the same.

OGMO Junior – LIRA and FOXE is nutritious mix which can be introduced to babies to make healthy eating fun through the superpower of our ancient grains. It can also be used as an instant health drink at any age.

Millet snacks – Fast food that is good for you. Choose OGMO Chilli punch, wholegrain puffed Jowar with a spicy tadka. Desi Brunch is Little millet snack which serves as a mixture or can be converted into a delicious poha in a minute without using hot water.

Life is full of choices, and the more ‘Good choices’ we make the better our life gets!

Switch to smart food that is good for you, the farmers and the planet.