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OGMO Jr. (Junior) BACH

Ingredients – Banana powder, chia seeds, barnyard millet flakes.

BACH or Banana and Chia pair with nutritious Barnyard Millet flakes to make it a complete meal.

Ways to eat BACH;

  • Overnight millet breakfast bowl
  • Porridge
  • Smoothie

Overnight breakfast bowl – Take required amount of BACH in a bowl, add any liquid (milk/plant-based milk) to cover the content.

Place the bowl in refrigerator. Enjoy the healthy breakfast the next morning.

Instant breakfast bowl – Take required amount of BACH in a bowl. Add warm milk/plant-based milk and keep it covered for 2 minutes. Enjoy your warm breakfast bowl.

Porridge – Take 2 tbsp of BACH in a pan, add 1 cup milk or water and cook for 2 minutes till it turns into creamy porridge. Eat it warm or cold.

Smoothie – Take 2 tbsp. BACH in a blender, add 1 small ripe banana/apple/strawberry, ½ cup of cold milk/plant-based milk and blend.

Note ; BACH is completely sugar-free product. You can add sweetener of your choice or a pinch of salt if you wish. Top your breakfast bowls with fruits or any nuts for extra crunch. 

BACH for babies;

Research shows that introducing healthy foods with different textures early helps develop positive relationship with food, create a willingness to try new things and cultivate good eating habits for life.

We are taking this as a wonderful opportunity to introducing an early love of healthy and whole foods to children.

BACH can be introduced to children above 8 months. Just add warm water or milk and feed.

Consult your paediatrician before starting any new food for your babies. Go slow and do it in moderation.

Yes, we are bringing convenience to you without compromising on your and your baby’s health.

Say NO to spending more hours making food and say YES to spending hours being with your family.

BACH (banana powder and chia seeds) an Indian super food you don’t want to skip from your family’s diet!