OGMO which literally translates to Organic Move, is founded on the principles of healthy eating and sustainable living

Our Philosophy

OGMO started with a drive to innovate food products that create positive impact on our community by: 

  • Creating sustainable products using minor millets (drought resistant and saves water)
  • Being eco-friendly in their usage, production and disposable. 
  • Supporting & empowering farmers of our village
  • Promoting better health with plant based food

Brand Values

Our Ingredients​

Our food is clean, wholesome and minimally-processed, which is much closer to nature and is devoid of any artificial colour or flavours.

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Social Causes​

  • We strive to conserve water by using minor millets in our products which require 80% less water than rice or wheat crops. 
  • We are privileged to have started our venture from a small village of hard working farmers at our farm.
  • With OGMO came a larger and defined mission to serve and support small family farmers from our village and to cultivate a better world for them.
  • We strive to connect people more closely to the natural world and the communities that produce our ingredients.

Our Team​

Expert Advisors


Sanjeeta KK

The creative and innovative mind behind the brand.

A food blogger, recipe developer and a commercial food stylist, she has extensive experience in food industry for more than a decade. She holds a bachelor’s degree in science and masters in economics & business management.


Krishna Kumar

A tech savvy with analytical approach to every problem. He has 20+ years of experience in senior management roles in IT and manufacturing industries. With a masters in business management, he is playing the role of a catalyst across many aspects of business including operations, sales, technical and digital marketing.


Dr. Mayank Jain

MD, DNB Gastroenterology Consultant

A highly specialized medical expert in the field of gastroenterology, an  area of medicine that focuses on the health of digestive system or the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.


Payal Talesra

She holds a Masters in Food and Nutrition. A life member of Nutrition Society of India and Indian Dietetics Association, she has been awarded as a young scientist at National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad. Her articles are published in many periodical newsletters and newspapers.


You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”

We have achieved more than we could have ever imagined through our corporate journey and food-centric work-life. 

OGMO came into existence a year ago with a desire to give back to society and to create values in the life of others.

It’s our way to express gratitude to this beautiful Earth and its people!

Our Story

How it began

Every business starts with an idea, and ours was breakfast. 

Hectic work schedules, fast paced life, deadlines, multitasking, who has time to cook & eat a decent (read healthy) breakfast? 

Yes, when you are racing against time in the morning, making a healthy breakfast is the last thing in your mind.  And our story began with the desire to create an alternative to the kitchen rituals that felt like work.

Unable to find the option of ready-to-eat overnight mixes in Indian market, we opted to create our own and that’s how OGMO breakfast mixes came to existence. 

To save time (make-ahead), have convenience (no-cooking) and still be able to eat healthy!


Some things in life are worth changing

This no-cook Plant-based breakfast option is a great relief for the stressful morning routine. All it needs is to add wholegrain flakes in a mason jar, fill with milk (plant-based milk) and a dash of curd and refrigerate overnight and a power breakfast will be ready the next morning. 

OGMO is more than just a business project. It is the desire to share our passion for healthy eating and sustainable living by creating convenient foods that is perfect for people with busy lifestyles.


Dr. Jenisha Jain
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