Minor Millet Granola

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Life is full of choices and the more ‘Good choices’ we make, the better our life gets. And why take longer route when you have smarter choice. 

Starting your day on a right note just got a lot easier with OGMO Foods!

OGMO stands for Organic Move. It represents our effort to maintain clean label by avoiding artificial colours or flavours and by using minimally processed simple ingredients for our food products.

OGMO is also our conscious move to support local farmers and to bring some of our ancient grains (Minor Millet & Sorghum) back on our table.

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Be unBEETable
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A Date with Orange
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Rose it with Chocolate

The Process of making OGMO Minor Millet Granolas

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Cocoa Pepita
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Orange Cranberry
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Beet Cashew
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These crunchy deliciousness is also gluten-free, dairy-free, trans-fat free, refined sugar-free and has no preservatives, artificial color or flavour.

OGMO Granolas  make a convenient and ideal breakfast cum snack option for working professionals, students and travellers.

Say ‘YES’ to our ancient grains, support farmers and eat right with every bite!

Switch to smart food that is good for you, the farmers and the planet.

Discover the benefits of Plant based foods, one ingredient at a time.

Take charge – be healthy and happy!