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Mappilla Samba Classic IDLI DOSA PREMIX

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OGMO Idli Dosa Premix Mappillai Samba Classic
Shop Millet IDLI DOSA PREMIX online
Mappilla Samba Classic Packaging
OGMO Mappillai Red Rice

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Ingredients – Unpolished Mappillai Samba Classic is made with unpolished Mappillai Samba red rice, black gram, fenugreek, red rice flakes and pink salt.

There is nothing more divine than washing, soaking, drying and powdering wholegrains to make hearty meal from scratch for your family. However, with hectic lifestyle it could be a tough task.

OGMO uses wholegrain unpolished Mappillai Samba red rice which are rinsed with clean water, soaked for 8 hours, solar dried at the factory before packing them for you.

All you need is to use the Mappillai Samba premix directly from the pack and make  your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mappillai Samba Red rice

Mappillai Samba Rice or “Bridegroom Rice” is a native variety of rice and is grown predominantly in Tamil Nadu.

It’s well suited to organic farming because it requires hardly any fertilisers or pesticides.

Gluten-free Mappillai samba rice is rich in antioxidants, high in protein and fiber, full of vitamin B6 and many other minerals. These indigenous variety helps increase haemoglobin and improves immunity.

Benefits of Little Millet

Presence of Anthocyanin which gives the peculiar red colour to this rice variety is believe to possess the capacity to lower blood pressure, prevent diabetes, improve vision and reduce cancer cells.

Unpolished Mappillai Samba Rice retain their bran layer which is rich in disease-fighting phytochemicals and comes loaded with minerals and vitamins and is a healthier option than polished or processed white rice.

Uses; You can literally make anything with Little Millet that you make with rice. Idli, dosa, roti, dhokla, pakora, snacks, sweets and lots more.

Do check OGMO YouTube channel for recipes.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this healthier OGMO Mappillai Samba Classic and enjoy your traditional food which is good for you, the farmers and the planet.

Discover the benefits of Plant based foods, one ingredient at a time.

Take charge – be healthy and happy!