Wholegrain Rolled Oats

Wholegrain Rolled Oats

wholegrain rolled oats

Rolled oats are whole oats kernels which are lightly steamed and then rolled to make flakes.

Rolled oats are steamed for a very small time unlike the quick cooking oats which are steamed for longer time and are heavily processed. Quick cooking oats are a mixture of heavily processed oat kernels and oat flour and are not as nutritious as rolled oats.

“Wholegrain are naturally high in fiber, helping you feel full and satisfied which makes it easier to maintain a healthy body weight. You are getting fiber, a healthy plant-based protein, vitamins, minerals and a variety of phytochemicals.” Suggests our practicing nutritionist Ms. Payal Talesra.

Benefits of eating rolled oats:

Resistant starch: resistant starch is a natural type of carbohydrate which also puts rolled oats into the perfect high-carb breakfast meal. (Contain slow carbohydrate)

Excellent prebiotic: oats feed the good bacteria and helps maintain a healthy gut flora. Prebiotics are natural plant based food that goes to intestine undigested. It provides a nutrient source for gut flora to feed and grow.

Beta glucan; oats are high in beta glucan, a soluble fiber, that can help reduce LDL cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.
Soluble and insoluble fiber; rolled oats are higher in fiber than quick cook oats and takes longer time to digest making you feel full for longer. Soluble fiber helps to lower cholesterol and stabilize blood glucose levels while insoluble fiber helps in maintaining good intestinal health.

Avenanthramide: A polyphenolic compound which is heart friendly and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property.
Protein, Vitamins and minerals; Oats provide a good source of vitamin E, B1, B2, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, calcium, potassium, magnesium. The major protein in oats is called avenalin which is not found in any other grain, but is similar to legume protein.
Phytochemicals present in oats are a good source of antioxidants to protect cells against free radicals.

wholegrain flakes

Ways to improve health benefits of rolled oats:

SoakingAlways soak your wholegrain with a tablespoon of acidic medium (acv, whey, kefir, yogurt, lemon juice) to break down phytic acid in them.

Add some healthy fat and protein; more nuts and seeds such as almonds, walnuts and flax seeds will keep you full for longer. Adding fats such as coconut milk, coconut oil, almond butter also helps absorb the fat-soluble vitamins in grain.

As a unique whole grain with multi-functional characteristics, rolled oats have gained popularity with known benefits in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, hypertension, type2 diabetes, obesity and colon health.” States nutritionist Payal.

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Disclaimer: The following article is my interpretation of information I gathered from my nutritionist, internet references and friends working in the same field.
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