INDIA'S # 1st


Banana Chocolate (Rolled Oats)

A delicious way to fuel your body with this warming cinnamon and chocolaty flavor packed with the goodness of banana, dark chocolate, chia & pumpkin seeds.


Mango Cranberry (Rolled Oats)

 It’s bursting with flavorful blend of Indian mango, chewy cranberry bits, Indian spices (turmeric & pepper) and loaded with chia & pumpkin seeds to give that extra bite.


Beet Raisin (Rolled Millet)

Add some spark to your morning with this energizing blend of soft raisins, crunchy chia & pumpkin seeds packed with the powerhouse of vibrant pink real beetroot powder.


Millet Raabdi (Rolled Millet)

It is like waking up to a refreshing morning with comforting flavors of Indian spices (cumin & pepper), crunchy super-seed mix and creamy curd to round out the flavor.

OGMO Breakfast Mixes with Minor Millets

OGMO breakfast mixes are based on;

  1. Plant Based Food – It focuses on minimally processed all-natural foods derived from plant sources. 
  2. Benefits of soaking – Plants contain an anti nutrient called ‘Phytic acid which can cause digestive issues by inhibiting the absorption of important vitamins and minerals.
  3. Make-ahead convenience – to save your time during morning rush hours. These mixes are completely cook-free. All you need to do is  Prep . Sleep . Eat . Repeat

Mango Cranberry, Banana Chocolate and Beet Raisin are slightly sweetened with jaggery.  Check some tempting bowls HERE.
Millet Raabdi is a savory mix. Check these savory Millet Raabdi BOWLS.

These mixes are your perfect companion for:

  1. Morning breakfast
  2. After-school snack 
  3. Mid-day office snack
  4. Post workout  snack
  5. Travel food
  6. Dessert too 

These mixes are:

  1. Completely cook free
  2. Gluten free
  3. Vegan
  4. Nut free
  5. Dairy free
  6. Transfat free
  7. Refined sugar free

Make your breakfast count!

Savory Overnight Breakfast Mix
Savory Overnight Breakfast Mix

Some useful tips..

1.Add nut milk or plant based milk (almond, cahsewnut, coconut), nut butter or fresh curd and yogurt for more creamy and nutritious OGMO meal. Bring more crunch by adding fresh fruits, nuts, dried fruits in the morning.


2.For more Probiotic & Prebiotic benefits, soak OGMO mix in warm milk to which a teaspoon of fresh curd has been added. The oats would become soft in the morning and the curd would have set.  Add kefir or plant-based curd for more probiotic benefits. 

3.Don’t make the mistake of adding too much liquid while soaking OGMO mix to keep them puffed up. Oats absorb all the extra moisture and become soggy.

You may need to add extra liquid to OGMO millet mixes before serving as they tend to become dry.

4.Cold or warm and Instant;

Cold version: For maximum benefit of soaked grains and super seeds. Add content to a bowl, add milk and refrigerate overnight. Next morning, add some more milk to adjust consistency and enjoy.

Warm version: Add warm liquid (any milk, fruit juice) keep it for 5-6 minutes and enjoy.

Instant vesion: Just add normal liquid (milk, juice), keep it for 20-25 minutes and enjoy. No need to add warm liquid, it can be straight from a can or pack.

Microwave version:  You can eat them cold or even microwave them for 30-60 seconds before eating.

OGMO Mixes OGMO Foods

5.You can prepare several servings of OGMO meal and refrigerate. They stay good for 5-7 days in refrigerator.