Millet Raabdi

OGMO Millet Raabdi – Instant healthy lunch or brunch recipe

Millet Raabdi

OGMO Millet Raabdi is a savory mix loaded with the goodness of wholegrain minor millet flakes, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, cumin powder, pepper powder and a dash of Himalayan salt. 

The mix can be used to prepare instant breakfast or can be soaked overnight for much healthier meal. 

PS; Salt level is kept to the minimum to make them a healthy food. You may need to add extra salt according to your taste. 

One sachet will easily serve 2-3 people if grated vegetables are also added in it. 

Millet Raabdi
Millet Raabdi

Make this instant healthy meal with any leftover or fresh sabji.

Step 1; Cut and add content in a bowl.

Step 2; Add one cup of plain water and let it stand for 2 minutes.

Step 3. Fluff up the soaked millet and add cooked sabji (I added dry carrot sabji or poriyal with coconut in it).

Millet Raabdi

Enjoy a healthy quick meal anytime or anywhere!


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