When food becomes an art of expression

Dr. Jenisha Jain and her artistic expressions through OGMO bowls

A true artist is not one who is inspired but one who inspires others.” ~ Salvador Dali

And you don’t always need a brush or a canvas to create an art. 

Here is a multi-talented doctor with the soul of an artist. She uses food to create artistic bowls that will make you hungry and some of which will leave you questioning yourself.

From ‘saving water & plants’ to ‘eating healthy’, every bowl that she creates has a subtle message attached to it.

Her bowls make the food more fun to eat and also inspire us to live healthy & sustainable life. 

After a busy & stressful day at hospital, waking up and making a breakfast that is healthy too, seems like a herculean task for me. Making my OGMO bowl everyday is a great stress-buster.” Says doctor Jenisha Jain.

“The fact that these breakfast bowls does not require any cooking gives me freedom to be creative. Its like painting or writing a poem through food. The act of slicing fruits, thinking of some idea and then arranging them in a creative way is so meditative on its own. OGMO bowls have become one of the most enjoying morning rituals for all of us” she added.

Here are some of her breakfast bowls that she shared with us over the period of time. Pictures that ignite the hope in Healthy Eating!

Do check OGMO Youtube channel for more of her creative bowls.

PS: Doctor Jenisha jain is a practicing Neonatologist in a popular hospital at Indore. The doctor couple is a brand loyal customer of OGMO Foods since it’s inception.  

All these pictures are copyright of doctor Jenisha Jain. All the products are purchased and used by the doctor family on their own. 

Dr. Jenisha Jain (on duty)
Dr. Jenisha Jain (on duty)
OGMO Bowls - easy breakfast recipes
Stay home, stay safe and care for all!
OGMO Bowls - easy breakfast recipes
Happy Yoga day
OGMO Bowls - easy breakfast recipes
Happy Guru Purnima
OGMO Bowls - easy breakfast recipes
Home is where you hang your heart.
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Happy healing mother Earth!
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Dolphins teaches us to have a playful spirit, glide the day with ease!
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Let's walk together!
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The cycle of life..
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Spread love and warmth this Rakshabandhan
Eat healthy and soar high!
Happy Dusshera
The wheel of life
Spread love
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Humanity to stand in solidarity!
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Let's take the first step towrads safer India
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Wash hands stay safe..
Chugging away to good health..
Let's grow, nourish and sustain together..
Love, laughter and living happily ever after..
Find your own sunshine..
The tree of good health..
Pretty butterfly in corn field
May love, peace and harmony prevails..Ram mandir
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Soar high with good health
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Happiness is an attitude! #worlddisabilityday
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Have a vision? Make a right decision.
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Coffee first..with OGMO
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Save farmers!
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#respect #doctors #frontlineworkers
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My heart beats for OGMO
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Health is wealth

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