How to eat Minor Millet or Siri Dhanya

How to eat minor millets

Some pointers on how to use minor millets for best nutritional values:

  1. Do not mix Siridhanya, as each has its own beneficial properties and digestion time. Multigrain creates high digestive load on the body. Also due to high fibre content mixing more than one millet can cause constipation, boating and gas.

2. Minor millets should be washed and then soaked for atleast 6-8 hours or overnight before using them.

3. Unpolished millets come loaded with vitamins and minerals

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What happens when you wash and soak grains…

Rice – fibre is present in the outer layer only in rice. Milling and processing the wholegrain rice means most of the vitamins and essential nutrients are removed. Also, rinsing the rise before cooking removes whatever fibres are left after processing. What finally remains is refined starch. 

Siridhanya – In Minor millet ro Siri Dhanya fibre and carb are present in concentric circles from the center of the grain to the outer layer. 

Soaking them for 6-8 hours helps the inner fibres absorb water and also improves the bioavailability of many other nutrients. If these are cooked without pre soaking, the inner fibre layers may cause digestive problems.

How to use

Wash or rinse siridhanya with water and soak it in clean water for minimum 6-8 hours. Cook them in the same water.

Why soaking is important for Minor millet consumption

  • It removes anti nutrients such as phytic acids from the grains.
  • It helps the fibres in the deeper layers of millet to expand.
  • It increases the bioavailability of key nutrients in grains.
  • It simplifies the process of absorption and digestion of nutrients.
  • It also removes the bitterness found in the wholegrain.

What can you make with Siridhanya?

Minor millets can be used to prepare anything that you prepare with normal rice or wheat. So it’s just a substitution.

You can include them as flakes, popped grain, flour, rawa form.

Idli, dosa, roti, thepla, thalipeeth, pulao, biryani, khchdi, pakora, porridge, soup, cake, cookies..you name them and you can make them. 

Do check Youtube channel for recipes made with OGMO Premixes of Siridhanya here..

OGMO Foods Youtube 

Rich in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals yet free from glutens, why would you only let birds eat it? 

Medicines can’t boost our immune system, but our lifestyle and what we eat can.

Follow an active lifestyle, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water and include fruits and vegetables along with Siridhanya or minor millet diet to get the maximum health benefits.

Let’s discover the benefits of Plant based foods, one ingredient at a time.

Take charge – be healthy and happy!  

Credits; The content is inspired by the extensive research done on millet by Smart Food campaign of ICRISAT and the work of doctor Khadar Vali, a renowned scientist also known as Millet Man of India.


Doctor Khadar Vali

Disclaimer -This video is for general information and educational purposes only. It is not designed or meant to treat any medical condition. Please consult your physician and healthcare provider before putting into practice any information given in this post.

WHAT‘ and ‘WHY‘ of Siridhanya or Minor millets.

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