Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner ideas with OGMO Products

From Little Millet, to Barnyard millet to Jowar and Mappillai samba rice, let’s discover our ancient traditional grains and the benefits of these Plant based foods, one ingredient at a time.

OGMO is a perfect go-to kitchen friendly product to keep in your pantry. With OGMO you can easily sort out a healthy meal in a jiffy.

More so when the recent pandemic has taught us that diseases will not be ‘cured‘ by eating medicine, they will have to be ‘prevented‘ by EATING HEALTHY!

These products come handy when you are unable to cook or don’t wish to depend on outside food.

What’s more..these are completely cook-free, healthy and zero preservatives, OGMO products makes a perfect option for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Talk about Win-Win!!

Do check OGMO Youtube channel for more interesting & healthy recipe.

Here are some ideas for you to explore the treasure of our ancient grains.

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With OGMO there is always a reason to smile - Come find it!

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Modern food with ancient grains

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